Scott Hanselman on disconnecting (read the comments to his post)

Scott Hanselman is one of my favourite bloggers but the amazing thing that I feel makes his blog so valuable is actually the comments. This is no fluke. His posts generate debate and the varied responses provide another level of depth to his original post.

Here’s a great example:

Reminder vacation program for developers in Melbourne and Canberra Dec 2015 and Jan 2016

I know I blogged about this  a few days ago but I need to do a reminder already:

University students interested in software engineering in Canberra and Melbourne have a look at a new program available in run by Xero

Details about the vacation program:

Details about the developer roles:


Sensational short article about career planning by one of my favourite devlopers:

I know Balmer said the famous:

But I’ll add the three thiings – I talk to my developers about any day we talk career development




Keep your skillset up do date!!!