DDD Melbourne 8 August

This is a not to be missed developer event for anyone in Melbourne and for just $49 I think its an absolute bargain. Sure, this blog has always focused on free events resources for developers, but I always gave equal supports for events that charged a small fee and to be honest $49 is just crazy for the content in this one day mega-seminar – Just look at the content:


For the record, and for full transparency the organiser(s) are part of my work, so I do have some association but thats not impacting this recommendation – just look at the content!!!!!


Key Technologies from Hanselman in 2014

Another great article from Hanselman on some of the key technologies for 2014. I think its pretty obvious that any modern dev should try and get some sort of Javascript skillset because everywhere I turn in the Software Development industry there is found Javascript in one form or another or some new javascript library everyone is talking about.