Great post about working at Xero

I am very lucky to work in an company with some pretty smart people – this guy is one of the absolute guns – so when he start’s carrying on – it’ worth listening:

The fact is – Xero is a very cool company  – lot’s of opportunities in the wide road of software development  – so if you think you’d be interested in working there check out his post.




Part 4 Getting your next c# job : finding the job

This is the fourth part of a series of posts I am writing on “Getting your next c# job ”

Sometimes you might be lucky enough to get a call from a friend or colleage for a new job. Thats great when it happens but when it doesn’t there are a few things to do when looking for that new job

Keep a network and use it now – Whenever you move (ie leaving UNI, leaving a workplace, leaving a development conference etc…) keep in contact with your colleagues. Get there email address and keep them in the loop with what you are doing. When looking for a new job its always worthwhile checking with your contacts what cool roles are going around. Its all about networking.

Seek /monster etc…  – Seek is big here in OZ. Monster is big everywhere – there are lots of job search engines – they can all be beneficial!!

Your Referee is your friend – I’ll cover Referee’s in the Resume section but always remember if they are good enough to vouch for your work – they are good enough to contact and say “Hey its me – anything going at your work?”

Dev Shop Websites – All the big development shops in Australia have websites where they look for new talent – always check out the employment section on the site for details

Conferences/Code-Camps – I know a few devs who have picked up jobs at conferences – seriously if you don’t have a linked in profile – get one now

Next Part 5 Creating the Resume

Any other ideas let me know