My 7DRL have a go and let me know what you think

Ok this is a fairly crazy game – I built in 7 days (actually would end up to be about 20 -30 hours)  with a lack of sleep  – if you have a chance to have  a play – let me know your thoughts – big thanks to Scott Hanselman for letting me use him as a main character. I’ll publish the code soon

It’s written in mvc4, html5, Javascript





Vote for RSSSRoguelike for Roguelike game of the year

OK so you should remember the tutorial we built earlier in the year – so now one of the cool contributors on codeplex has added a polish version for the game!!!!

And if you would like you can vote for RSSSRoguelike for Roguelike of the Year 2012 at and vote for lots of other really cool games as well like FTL etc….

Here is where to vote:

Here is the tutorial:



A reminder about our cool open source project: RRRSRoguelike – looking for helpers

This project grows every day and the team is on fire – so if you want to have a look at an intersting project in development have a look but also if you want to help work on an open source project as a dev, designer, analyst, tester etc… come and have a look at the site