7drl dates for 2023

If you have never entered a coding JAM before this is the one for you. The yearly roguelike development JAM is on and it’s a great opportunity to code a really cool little roguelike game

Dates are 3rd – 13th March (just pick a 7 day window in that period that works for you)



Watching my videogame reviewed on Youtube

The Game

So you may have noticed I entered the 7drl (7 day roguelike comp) this year – a comp to write a game in 7 days. It’s actually not a lot of time to write a game and given work and home commitments – its really really not very long. Anyway I wrote a crazy game called Rogue Coder using JS, HTML5 and MVC4. The end product is here www.domssite.com/roguecoder

The Review

So uberhunter is reviewing all games in the 7drl on youtube and he just reviewed roguecoder. It’s a fair stressful experience watching your game (warts and all) get a review from such a guy.

here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEaPH34DxxE

Lessons Learned

The value of a review like this is priceless. Its a great way to look at your game through the eyes of an independent and experienced player. It’s hard to watch at times because I keep thinking “I really wish I had fixed that bug”. It’s also hard to watch a review like this because you are not there to guide and advise, and you are not there to explain the things that you have in your head but never quite got the time to either fix or document . I think I have taken some a few important lessons:

1. Ensure core game play works (the bugs with the compiler actually stop the game from being playable).

2. Watch the way someone else plays the game and look at their actions and strategies to determine ways to make the game more playable, robust and enjoyable.

Whats next

V2 of course stay stay tuned  here in the next few weeks. Of course a big thank you to uberhunter for the review



Reminder about a cool Open Source Roguelike Project

For anyone interested in doing a little C# on the side, or even testing of documenting – a little project I set up earlier last year has grown and grown and is still growing thanks to a group of really cool devs. Have a look and joing up if you are interested or just look at the code







My 7DRL have a go and let me know what you think

Ok this is a fairly crazy game – I built in 7 days (actually would end up to be about 20 -30 hours)  with a lack of sleep  – if you have a chance to have  a play – let me know your thoughts – big thanks to Scott Hanselman for letting me use him as a main character. I’ll publish the code soon


It’s written in asp.net mvc4, html5, Javascript





Vote for RSSSRoguelike for Roguelike game of the year

OK so you should remember the tutorial we built earlier in the year – so now one of the cool contributors on codeplex has added a polish version for the game!!!!

And if you would like you can vote for RSSSRoguelike for Roguelike of the Year 2012 at http://roguelikedeveloper.blogspot.com.au and vote for lots of other really cool games as well like FTL etc….

Here is where to vote:  http://roguelikedeveloper.blogspot.com.au

Here is the tutorial: https://domscode.com/2012/02/01/building-the-really-really-really-simple-roguelike-v0-1-with-c/

Codeplex: http://rrrsroguelike.codeplex.com