7drl dates for 2023

If you have never entered a coding JAM before this is the one for you. The yearly roguelike development JAM is on and it’s a great opportunity to code a really cool little roguelike game

Dates are 3rd – 13th March (just pick a 7 day window in that period that works for you)



Dates for the 2019 7DRL

So a reminder that one of the great game jams is on this year and as ususal it’s a great time of year to see if you can hack out a simple game in  7 days.


It’s always a challenge to try to get this done in a busy work week with other responsibilities but it’s also a really cool opportunity to get feedback on a game.

7DRL – March 8th 2014

From a post by Jeff Lait – here is the information on this years 7DRL

1) Any time on March 8th or March 16th (as measured in your time 
zone), register on http://7drl.roguetemple.com 
2) Write a roguelike. 
3) After 168 hours, if you have completed a playable roguelike, add your 
download link to 7drl.roguetemple.com!  If not, set your status 
to failed and we will all commiserate and agree that given a few 
scant more hours, it could have been great.

Successfully completed my second 7DRL this year

I have just finished (well sunday) my 7 Day Roguelike game. Its an annual comp that requires you to build a game in 7 days. I’ll send some more details out soon and if you would like to play with it test it great. It was built in HTML5, JS, C#,ASP.NET MVC4. I’ll also add the git source control. Big thanks to Scott Hanselman for agreeing to be a character in it.



Competing in the 7drl comp again

OK so this is the second year I have entered the 7drl and although i have just over 24 hours left i think the experience of last year (failing) has served me well this year – I am pretty sure I’ll finish – expect some more articles here in the next 24 hours related to the comp. As always doco comes at the end… My game for this year is roguecoder – built using js,C#(ASP.NET MVC4) ,details soon