The Software Engineer’s Development Plan – Part 3

Maintaining the PDP

The professional development plan (PDP) is great to have but you can’t just file it away some where. It’s a living document and needs to be maintained and tweaked . It’s great if you can discuss it with your manager in a regular 1:1 catch up.

To me the key with looking After your PDP is to make sure you are regularly ticking off items in the 30 day list. It’s great that you accomplish the medium and Longer term items but to me the importance is the focus on the next 30 days.

Ok that’s it, hope you’ve enjoyed these posts on PDP’s.

Presented at Get Connected Canberra #2

Huge thanks toRibit, CiT, Canberra Uni and ANU for having me present the Xero vacation program at Get Connected Canberra #2. Neha Sood (Grad Developer – Xero) came along with me, and we did some really great micro interviews with Students.

I got to provide a 30 sec brief on Xero and out vacation program for Software Engineers and we then spent around 90 minutes doing mini-interviews


Was a really great night and met a bunch of sensational students interested in coding.

For any students who attended who are interested in learning more about C#/.NET check out lots of articles/links on this site as well as a bunch of other cool websites  for .NET learning resources including: and