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Awesome TED talk on happiness

I’d classify/tag this as off-topic but the reality over the quarter of a century in my professional life in IT, I’ve worked out one thing – you are working/coding better when you are happy. This is about the best video I’ve come across on the subject. I actually found it on c-sharpcorner.com for the record.


Jan 24 Canberra Junior Dev Meetup

Junior Developers – We are back – First Meetup of 2018!

Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018, 5:30 PM

Xero Canberra
Level 2, 10 Rudd Street Canberra, AU

3 Members Attending

Hey All, its that time again! Lets start this new year with more interesting talks , food and drinks! We will be having lightning Talks from: – Shreyas (Cryptography) – Other talks to be listed soon! Lets meet again and celebrate our joys and coding experiences!Stay tuned for more details!

Check out this Meetup →

[Off Topic] The Ultimate Nightwatchman

I love cricket. So the following post is about Cricket but also has a lot to do with leadership.

This week there was an interesting cricket event in Australia. Late on the first day of the 5th test David Bairstow was sent in to bat with only a few balls remaining. This decision seemed unusual given the general practice of a team to send in a “Nightwatchman” late on a day of cricket.


This practice in four-five day cricket encourages a less talented batsman to occupy the crease while the more  The Nightwatchman’s job is simple: survive as long as possible to prevent one of the more talented batsman from coming in to bat late on a day when all that can really happen is score a few runs at best or get out. Even if the Nightwatchman is removed on the very first ball he/she faces they will have soaked up between 5-10 minutes simply by the change of batsman taking. Towards the end of days cricket this can often be enough to end the day and have the “real” batsman come back fresh on the next day.

So Bairstow comes in to bat and everyone is surprised. He’s decide to bat by himself.

In this case he knew what would happen if . Against the failing light of the late day and fearsome pace of Mitchell Starc even a good batsman would struggle. The chance of being hit on the body is quite likely given previous games. He took the responsibility for his team – he took ownership for being a batsman.

Bairstow got out. End of the day – stumps were called.

Bairstow’s team knows what he did. The Media thinks Bairstow made a mistake.

The ashes were over!!!

Bairstow’s team knows what he did, what he will do again.



A Developer’s stack part 1 : Introduction

I am very lucky to talk to junior developers, and one of the things I have been expressing is the need to have a tech stack.

There’s generally a bit of confusion about what a tech stack is. A great article that covers it is here: https://svsg.co/how-to-choose-your-tech-stack/ .It’s great because it summarises the two most important aspects in a few lines:

“A tech stack is a combination of software products and programming languages used to create a web or mobile application. Applications have two software components: client-side and server-side, also known as front-end and back-end.”.  GIl Edelman 8 Jan 2017 https://svsg.co/how-to-choose-your-tech-stack/


The second part of the quote is key because it focusses on the simple two tier stack : client and server. Now if we actually represented this visually it would look like:


Ok so it doesn’t look a lot like a stack – but it is 🙂

Now, if we think about this is terms of the multi-tier application it might look like the following for the simple 2-tier application:

User Interface 
Business Layer +  Database

So, lets expand this now to  the  3 tier model and see what the it looks like visually:

User Interface
Business Layer

Now you are probably starting to see a stack appear. Here’s an excellent summary of what a tech stack is (The first 4 points are key). In fact the if you think of  Points 1+2 (as the User Interface), Point 3 (as Business Layer) and Point 4 (as database) you are probably really starting to see the the types of tools that make up the application.

Next in this series : As a junior developer do I have stack?