The importance of meetups

I have been talking to a bunch of software engineers over the last few weeks about the importance of meetups and why software engineers should engage in these. Here are my top 3 reasons:




Seriously, the one massive aspect of meetups is the ability to develop and grow your network. Of course there are opportunities to present (and grow these skills) and share and collaborate in all sorts of ways. But what stands out is your ability to connect and grow relationships with a community and for me I have been able to both connect, re-connect and grow a number relationships via Meetups and it has definitely made a difference in the last ten years of my career in software engineering. Through my network I have established a significant group of people who help me in all sorts of ways (I think I’ll do a specific blog on this soon) and have allowed me to grow throughout my career.

There are all types of meetups/user groups/clubs that exist and it’s pretty easy to find one that is related to software engineering, so take the opportunity to check one of these cool organisations out and you might find like me you are able to grow your professional network.

And while I am on subject – here is a plug to an awesome meetup in the city I live :

If you are a junior dev in or around the Canberra area would highly recommend joining.


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