Technical presentation tips (part 1)

I’ve been speaking to a number of developers recently about presenting at conferences and there is often a general concern about the stress, process and experience so here is my general advice for people giving presentations – or how I go about giving presentations:


While (I_still_want_to_present_this_topic)







If it looks a bit out of order that’s because it’s actually important to jump right in. Do your practice first. Practice with yourself. Do it in front of the mirror. Do it with no preparation and learn from it. Maybe do the next iteration in front of the mirro. Then next iteration practice with a friend or family member. Then iterate through the loop and do it again and this time do it with a few close colleagues from School or Work. Then iterate again … Eventually when you are presenting at a Work, School or Industry event you will have been through the loop number of times and the refinement and experience will make you more comfortable delivering.

I’ve been doing this for a while and it seems to work 🙂

However, I am not an expert by any measure. The following are much better so here are some more tips and they are gold::


Really nice summary from Ayende;





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