The Software Engineer’s Development Plan – Part 2

Structure of a PDP

I have to be honest. I try to follow the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) policy and for creating a PDP for a developer/software engineer that is so important. Also, it’s important that the PDP is just a one page document stored usually as a Word Doc, Google Doc etc…

The PDP has 4 parts/sections:

  • Career Goal/Aim
  • Short Term Actions
  • Medium Term Actions
  • Long Term Actions

Career Goal/Aim

A one line statement on where the engineer wants to be in 3 years time

Short Term Actions

Specific short tasks that can be completed in the next month. Examples include:

  • Pluralsight/BUILD video’s
  • listen to podcasts
  • Read a book or a few chapters of a book
  • Work on a home/hobby/sample project
  • Tutorials
  • Work on an open source project

Medium Term Actions

Longer term projects or events  that can be completed in the next 6-12 months. Examples include:

  • Events ( DDD, NDC, Microsoft Ignite, BUILD etc…)
  • listen to podcasts
  • AWS/MS Exams (on path to Certification)
  • Nano Degree’s or equivalents

Long Term Actions

Long term major achievements. Examples include:

  • Tertiary Study
  • AWS/MS Certification

Next Time:

Maintaining the PDP




Great post about working at Xero

I am very lucky to work in an company with some pretty smart people – this guy is one of the absolute guns – so when he start’s carrying on – it’ worth listening:

The fact is – Xero is a very cool company  – lot’s of opportunities in the wide road of software development  – so if you think you’d be interested in working there check out his post.