Design Document Part 5 (seeking feedback)

A little bit of background for the sample design document (dd) I posted in part 4 :

  • This dd was used for a hackathon project at my work.
  • The original dd was a handwritten 1 page document.
  • I did not really get significant review because it was a solo project (normally I wouldn’t do a dd unless I was seeking feedback).

So the last point is the most important – I used this as a sample because it’s easy to post without any real work details. Normally I send these type of documents via email (or at least a link) and ask for feedback. The other option is to do a demo/presentation and just gather the feedback from that session.

So the type of feedback I am after is:

  • Am I roughly on the right track?
  • Am I using the right frameworks/libraries?
  • Am I proposing to re-use any existing patterns or follow approaches (ie. lets not reinvent the wheel).
  • DB design/modifications can be tricky and seeking advice from DBA’s for DB changes can be very very useful.

Of course, you need to evaluate feedback sensibly but having your manager involved usually makes that an easier process.


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