N Layered apps tutorial


Imar writes great books on .NET and this looks special – here are the tools used:

  • Entity Framework (EF) 5 with Code First for all data access.
  • MVC 4, Web Forms 4.5, WCF and a command line tool for four different frontend implementations.
  • Unit and integration tests to make the model and application testable.
  • NuGet to quickly bring in additional libraries and assemblies.
  • FluentAssertions to make unit tests more straightforward to write and easier to read, especially for non-technical people.
  • A Dependency Injection (DI) framework called StructureMap to make it easier to program against interfaces and determine the concrete types at run time as well as improve the testability of your code.
  • A framework called AutoMapper to automatically map between your own domain objects and View Models in MVC and other applications.
  • DynamicQuery, a helper library from Microsoft to write string based LINQ expressions for sorting and filtering data.
  • FileHelpers, a third-party library to read CSV files which I’ll use in Part 9 to import data from a text file through the application’s API into the database.
  • NLog, a logging framework for .NET.