Reviews from the 7DRL for Rogue Coder

So The reviews are in for 7drl and although not massive success – I am happy with an average 1.61 (out of 3) allround score. Here are the three summaries of the game I entered in this years 7drl:

Rogue Coder

Trusty laptop by your side, you set forth on a prison break to free a fellow programmer. Friendly inmates will give you bits of syntax and the rest needs to be figured out for yourself. One of the first things you learn is connecting to objects in the level, and issuing commands to them – for example connecting to and turning on an elevator. Unfortunately there are only two types of object that can be interacted with in this way, and little gameplay beyond moving to the goal once you’ve worked out how activated/deactivated them. With work this game may be worth coming back to, but for now is sadly incomplete.

In rogue coder you literally have to code to survive. Meaning, you the player, not you the character. You need to learn the in-game scripting language to do stuff like unlock elevators and turn off lights. It’s exceedingly hard to learn all of this though, so if I were you and you want to try this game just source-dive into the javascript and hack things that way. Seems only appropriate for a hacking roguelike!

Programming is outlawed, programmers are in jail, and you need to free a particular one on level 4. Armed with a laptop, you dodge guards, make friends with prisoners, and mess with elevator locks and room lights (provided you can figure out the sparsely-documented Dominicscript). Not much roguelike gameplay, but provides the kind of puzzling fun that the Python Challenge does. Probably not fun to play without programming experience.


So there’s obviously still more to do but when you consider this was a very cramped weeks work (not sure how many hours but from memory not a lot of time during the week due to work and family commitments). Like always though, its important to use these reviews and learn from them. Like the video review – I have added lots of things to my todo  list for the next version of this game!!!!


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