First player to reach level 4

6.58 aedt (Australian eastern daylight savings time) this morning someone reached level 4 of rogue coder … They may have finished the game but in any case it is significant and whoever you are well done … level 4 has been breached for the first time!!!

It’s only taken a week – I am excited!!!


Post mortem 7dl 2013

First happy to finish. Very tough week with work, family and 7drl. A week is not very long to build a game !!!!

Am happy with end product but it’s clear I am way way off the qty of so many other 7drlers… Have only had a look at about 6 but the gameplay and graphics are miles above mine. At least it gives me a good idea of where I need to head for next year.

Ok soon honor of Lee Van Cleef let’s break it down

The good

Deployment – learnt a lot from last year. HTML 5/js and asp .mvc was so easy to deploy with visual studio, last year I mucked around with windows installers.

Script engine – ok a bit rough but I decided to try to build a scripting engine (Dominicscript) in a week… and despite its rough edges it sort of works and I’ll expand it in v2.0.

Scott Hanselman – big thanks for him agreeing to be in the game!!!!

The Bad

Graphics -yuk!!!!

Speed – still too slow

The Ugly

Code – The rush to finish led to lots of rubbish code particularly on the last day.


So there it is my 7day experience this year, check out the game (any modern browser is all you need)

Current bugs roguecoder

These are the current bugs with the 7DRL game roguecoder

  • After defeating guard some paths are blocked where the guards stood – workaround just move around
  • When guards collide damage is done to player
  • Refresh restarts the game

Should fix these for RogueCoder2 soon, let me know if you find more


My 7DRL have a go and let me know what you think

Ok this is a fairly crazy game – I built in 7 days (actually would end up to be about 20 -30 hours)  with a lack of sleep  – if you have a chance to have  a play – let me know your thoughts – big thanks to Scott Hanselman for letting me use him as a main character. I’ll publish the code soon

It’s written in mvc4, html5, Javascript