Part 3 Getting your next c# job : Deciding to get a new job

This is the third part of a series of posts I am writing on “Getting your next c# job ”

So there’s lots of reasons you need to get a job and although its not a major part of this series it is worth considering because sometimes you might not realise it’s time to move on.

First job – so anyone out of Uni or School or just someone starting in the industry has to go through this at some point in time. Its not that easy because you have never been through the process but as long as you enter an organisation at the correct level you will have an even chance. This is important though, it is important to make sure if you are a new graduate you go into a role as a junior developer and not a mid level or senior role. Learning the ropes is key and working with a good mentor is so important – and thats not going to happen at senior roles – further, you will have much greater expectations.

Its time – lots of people get to the stage in any role when its just time to move on. There are lots of reasons for this but at the end of the day its just plain and simple as one great developer once said to me “When the love is gone, the love is gone”.

Still writing vb3 – not that there is anything wrong with VB3 but there unless its a cracker of a job – it probably is time to move on into the new world.

The jobs not the job – this is when your job has changed and its not really up your alley. This can happen when you get promoted, start taking on team lead roles or just stop coding for one reason or another. Whatever the reason if you aren’t coding anymore and you want to code, if your work can’t give you the coding job – have a look around.

Organisation change – a bit like the point above – when the organisation/company has changed or enforced a structure change it’s possible that the environment and the job will change too and it that doesn’t suit your ability to code happily again it might be worthwhile looking for a new job.

End of Contract/Getting fired – this can happen to any of us and when it does – get back on the horse cowboy.

Next – Part 4 finding the job



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