Dungeon Bard

So I actually missed entering day 2 and 3 online so they have both gone in today. Again, work fairly busy and its that constant balance of everything in life with the. Getting more sleep which is great as I know as the deadlines for this project get close sleep will once again fall in my priority rankings.

Today was better – not a lot achieved but this was a day off in terms of my original schedule so can cope well with that and yesterday now happily written off – I actually got a chance to review the game concept document. Actually its more like a high level brief of what is going to be produced in the game. It’s based on game concept document I was required to deliver as part of a unit I complete last semester at UNI. Whilst, I probably can’t publish it just the…

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Latest update from my side project

Dungeon Bard

The truth is it doesn’t always go well, and today was one of those days. Juggling work and a side Project (even a baby like this one) is quite a challenge. When the dice rolls well, it’s managable – but on a day like today, when work ended up being quite busy the side project slides… .Not a lot achieved and when you are thinking about the various responsibilities of development, project management– a day lost on a short term project is not such a good thing.

Hope things improve tomorrow

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