Dungeon Bard

So I actually missed entering day 2 and 3 online so they have both gone in today. Again, work fairly busy and its that constant balance of everything in life with the. Getting more sleep which is great as I know as the deadlines for this project get close sleep will once again fall in my priority rankings.

Today was better – not a lot achieved but this was a day off in terms of my original schedule so can cope well with that and yesterday now happily written off – I actually got a chance to review the game concept document. Actually its more like a high level brief of what is going to be produced in the game. It’s based on game concept document I was required to deliver as part of a unit I complete last semester at UNI. Whilst, I probably can’t publish it just the…

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Latest update from my side project

Dungeon Bard

The truth is it doesn’t always go well, and today was one of those days. Juggling work and a side Project (even a baby like this one) is quite a challenge. When the dice rolls well, it’s managable – but on a day like today, when work ended up being quite busy the side project slides… .Not a lot achieved and when you are thinking about the various responsibilities of development, project management– a day lost on a short term project is not such a good thing.

Hope things improve tomorrow

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Diary of a budding iPhone indie developer : day 1

The following posts are the daily diary I will maintain throughout this project. The project is a University assignment for my Masters Degree for an iPhone game called DungeonBard and I have decided to keep a diary of the adventures. You’ll see this also appear on the website for my project www.dungeonbard.com

So i have completed a basic prototype of a game. I mean really basic,but it works and its sort of fun in a simplistic retro way. It’s been an interesting few weeks that started out with the usual frustrations of a C# developer starting to work with X-Code and objective C. It’s an experience that is often bemoaned by the .NET developer trying to work in Xcode who ofter refer to the experience as painful and as a “step backwards”. Its an interesting experience and having felt like that in the past with previous unsuccessful attempts with XCode dating back to 2009 – I was a bit concerned. Several days in though things changed. My ability to add functionality to my app and built a simple roguelike came much quicker than I thought it would. Suddenly the semantic issues I had previously struggled with just went away. It just clicked. It just sort of became easier.

I think in truth it had a lot to do with the fact that for the first time I was actually coding in XCode during the day and not trying to squeeze a few hours into a busy weeknight, when I am usually tired and not really able to give 100%. It became fun as well and this probably had a lot to do with the fact that I was building a game.

So today is significant – the prototype though basic works. Like a classic Roguelike you can move your character around the screen or dungeon using NSEW buttons placed on the screen.

At the moment the prototype is very simple but its demonstrated the fundamentals of the game – its the proof of concept and from experience its a really important milestone in any development project. So with this milestone completed I start the serious work of trying to complete this game by early october for UNI but also I am hoping to get this up on the App store.


A reminder about our cool open source project: RRRSRoguelike – looking for helpers

This project grows every day and the team is on fire – so if you want to have a look at an intersting project in development have a look but also if you want to help work on an open source project as a dev, designer, analyst, tester etc… come and have a look at the site