Join my roguelike open source project (C# Console App rouguelike on codeplex)

If you are keen – all you need is visual studio 2008 and beyond – Even c# express should be ok and I am pretty sure source control through subversion – just check the source code tab for details

Its still pretty raw but its been pretty fun



Failure Failure Failure – 7 day roguelike comp Cyber Prison Escape : (

Ok so back in march I decided to enter a crazy 7 day coding contest called the 7 day rougue like or 7DRL –  Its a really great community comp with lots of very interesting games being whipped up since they started this in 2005. I had a lot of great ideas for my game and and a really good plan – even a little bit of project management planned for the pressure cooker of 7 days coding (and juggling the rest of life). I went for a windows console app in C# and great in theory, all good, but the fact was I just didn’t quite get  there. I will try to finish Cyber Prison Escape (out of comp soon) so stay tuned.

So here dear reader is the evidence, the sad dreaded evidence of failure