Roguelikes with good graphics

another question asked is do all roguelikes use ASCII graphics – no – have a look at this screenshot from one of the most popular TOMe 4 – see for details

tome 4 screenshot

tome 4 screenshot


What’s a RougueLike Game?

I have been asked this recently and like always Wikipedia is the best source of information:

“The roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing video games, characterized by randomization for replayability, permanent death, and turn-based movement. Most roguelikes feature ASCII graphics, with newer ones increasingly offering tile-based graphics. Games are typically dungeon crawls, with many monsters, items, and environmental features. Computer roguelikes usually employ the majority of the keyboard to facilitate interaction with items and the environment. The name of the genre comes from the 1980 game Rogue.”

Wikipedia 2012

A couple of other things I add:

-Derived from the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game

-Emphasis on “hack and slash” combat

-Single player

-Experience points are commonly used

-Fantasy genre is commonly used


Why Roguelikes are really so great – actually why they are so popular at the moment ( a great podcast)

Its interesting that ASCII games could have such a high level of interest at the moment and there was a really interesting 10-15 minutes on the subject in a recent podcast I listened to – the podcast was actually about a game called “100 rogues” but from about 40 min into the podcast the guys at ROGUELIKE radio focus on the reasons why the roguelike genre is getting so popular. Its a great listen so if you have a chance…


The importance of the RogueLike for the developer

We are going to see a lot more articles and tutorials from me  on roguelike games this year and part of the reason for this is the importance for these type of games for the beginner/intermediate developer. Whilst it’s obviously hard to build any sort of 3d game for a beginner developerwithout assistance – building a simple yet playable roguelike game however (even just using a windows console app say using C#) is quite possible. OK you are not going to make a fortune out of a simple textbased rouguelike ,but you may well be able to get your friends to play it!!!

Some cool links for roguelikes:


Welcome to 2012 – did I ever say that I like castles… [OT]

I have been away on holiday (vacation) for december so its been very quiet on the blog but will try to improve this situation now that I am back. I did have some serious fun seeing lots of castles… Did I ever explain that I really like castles…

photo from Alhambra

photo from Alhambra

OK yeah so I saw lots of castles…

Picture of Tower of London

Tower of London

and more castles…

Photo of Valencia city walls

Valencia city walls

Great to be back home though