Fix for ASP.NET MVC3 Add Controller – An item with the same key has already been added

Just an interesting little find – so I added a new entity to my EDMX and lo and behold I start getting the “An item with the same key has already been added” when I tried to add a controller – anyway the fix was to remove a couple of rougue navigational properties that had been added automatically!!!!

So if you don’t need them and they are causing this problem – remove them



Good sample developer resumes on the Net

Bit of research (googling) led me to these links on developers resumes/cv:

I like this one except for the money stuff at the bottom

Another good one imho – nice and short

Excellent tips for writing once

Another sample I like – yeah its old school – yeah its not got any major formatting – but it hits the spot for me

More soon


Hanselman on Resumes

Ok I do occaisionally blog about being the better developer, getting a better job etc…┬ábut one area that I rarely talk about is developers resumes – or for that matter developer selection criterias. Having read a million of both I think I have a good idea of what makes a good one but of course thats quite subjective but when I saw the master hanselman was blogging about it I thought it would be good to extend this to the world:

I’ll try to blog on this subject if I can get some feedback from my dev mates – of course anyone out there who has thoughts on what makes a good dev Resume/CV – leave a comment and I’ll include it (or the spirit of the comment) in my blog on the subject.