Change in focus :

Not a very interesting post, more a clarrification on the scope of the blog. I originally created the blog as a resource for .NET and iPhone development, but with work and family commitments its hard to extend my iPhone skills at the moment and rather than try and maintain a 50% split – I am now going to cover my major interests of web, mobile and games. For the record,  I am not dropping iPhone development – I just don’t have as much  time as I would like to devote  to XCode/Objective C. Also, Whilst I have only really dappled in games development – its a major interest for me and the vast number of my tutorials are based on games, I think its fair to extend this focus. So what will change – in some ways not a lot, although I expect to extend the focus onto XNA development. Now XNA (Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows game development) is all .NET based anyway so thats not a hug change from present.



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