A year of blogging, regrets and Pirates.

So I have just finished my first year of blogging and funny enough I am still going and really enjoying the blogging world. I get a lot of satisfaction from blogging about .Net and iPhone

I do however, have a couple of significant regrets I will try and fix in the near future:

1.Not enough iPhone posts – will put more effort into getting lots more iPhone dev material.

2. Not enough tutorials/sample apps – again will try to get more tutes and sample appps.

Ok so thats enough self criticism but they are the two areas I want to focus a bit more on over the next year . Big thanks to all readers and commenters, Also special thanks to my review team (used for articles/tutorials): Cath Tippett,Matty Rumble and Paul Johnston.

As for Pirates, well of course I have just come back from the national touch football championships with the ACT Pirates (OK so the fact that we didn’t win a game might look on paper like a bad result – I think it was just a case of playing too many games on the dry fields and not enough on the Pacific Ocean).

Tha Lazy landlubbers, Arggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!


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