Monotouch Talk – Canberra .NET User Group (Monday 20 December)

Big one for the canberra mob – monotouch (.Net and iPhone) development


Great advice from that guru Hanselman

Another great article completely off the topic of learning iPhone and .NET development but really really important…

here are the big take homers:


Have a backup strategy my friends. Not only that, but seriously, test your restores. Backups are great. I do them all the time. Backups always work. Restores fail all the time.

Backup some stuff to the cloud. I don’t care whose cloud, pick one. I used to use Mozy, now I use KeepVault because it backs up my Windows Home Server to the cloud, as well as my desktops.

Make local disk images to external hard drives. I have a 2TB external drive that I make weekly images to use Acronis TrueImage. Just in case everything goes bad.

If you are a presenter and traveler type like me, always be ready with a Virtual Machine on a USB Key or a Disk Image on a hard drive in case things go bad the night before a presentation.

You can make VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) images from physical disks for free with Disk2VHD if you’re really fancy and advanced … Friends. Stop. Go backup your machines. Then backup your spouse’s, girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, parents, grandparents and Uncle Ronnie’s.”

From the Scott Hanselman’s blog

Happy backing up