Being a better developer PART 3 (How to become a better developer)

The Big Question (How to become a better developer?)

So, I asked my colleagues (all devs/architects of some form) what advice they would have for the graduate/newbie who wanted to become a solid developer. Again, I have collected the responses and in the (pretty much ) raw form are the glorious responses:

The Responses:

ask questions (don’t assume)

take responsibility every job u do is a important as the last one.

report back  to your mentor / team leader on a daily basis.

Avoid the temptation to distrust everything and roll your own. Have a desire to grok popular software components.

Work like your arse is on fire!

I would say one key to becoming a solid developer is to ensure that you as a developer learn to communicate effectively with both business and technical team members to ensure you are building what has been specified or is required. You can have all the technical skills in the world but if you’re not building what’s required, there is a lot of wastedtime and effort.

“If I had to give only one advice on how to become is by practice as practice makes a man perfect and how about if the practiceis on real live cutting edge technology, i.e. open source project. First download it from codeplex or github and have open earsfor the two open source website. It is not that we are microsoft shop do just restrict yourself to codeplex. Second once you start getting comfortable by reading code, start contributing to the open source.Download tfs plugin and svn for codeplex and github. Pick up an interesting topic like a cross between design patterns and tool that does auto integration or code generation or plugs itself into framework and does some magic.” Prashant Brall (2010)

Get a Mentor.Get code reviews from the Mentor.

Maybe really great developers are born. The 7 phases of advice that follows is for the rests of us: 1.Understand your weaknesses. 2. ?* 3.Work at your weaknesses.4. Practice. 5.Email/Chat/Talk to other developers to get feedback. 6. Watch the Karate Kid 1 (learn never to give up) and 7. If you don’t drink coffee, start.

*like the underpants gnomes I don’t believe in phase 2

In Conclusion

So thats it. This little series is now over. Big thanks to my gang of coders/architects/gurus (those happy to be named):




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