Upgrading from Leopard to Snow Leopard – for XCode and Monotouch

I just thought it was worthwhile documenting the upgrade process I had to go through upgrading my mac from Leopard to Snow Leopard, as it was a bit of a pain.

My starting point was:

Monotouch 1.0
MonoDevelop 2.4
iPhone SDK 3.0.1

How I upgraded:

SnowLeopard Upgrade
SDK for Leopard 3.1.2 –  Note: I tried Monotouch at this point and it failed so then embarked on the following:
MonoDevelop 2.2 (beta)
MonoTouch 1.1
Then Discovered 3.1.2 was avail
SDK for Leopard 3.1.2 (Note for young players encountered some problems because the simulator was running and was kept stopping the install – closed he simulator and all fixed)

Then all worked fine!!!!

Hope this helps


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