Key Technologies from Hanselman in 2014

Another great article from Hanselman on some of the key technologies for 2014. I think its pretty obvious that any modern dev should try and get some sort of Javascript skillset because everywhere I turn in the Software Development industry there is found Javascript in one form or another or some new javascript library everyone is talking about.

2013 My year in review

I can summarise this year in one word really and it reflects everything

WORK !!!

As a senior .Net developer team leader this has been a tough year with a number of major projects hanging over my neck for most of the year so I suspect the blogging side of my life has been pretty sad. Not a lot of posts in general but I should be back for a better 2014 because I really do think  (hope ) that work will settle down in 2014.

Planning to get more active in my roguelike development and need to make sure I complete my main side project

Hope you all have a great Christmas