FREE!!! Microsoft:The Know it. Prove it. challenge (FEB – Book now!!!)

Only a day or so to register sorry for the late notice but this looks pretty cool – free 1 month training resources with Microsoft:

” , brought to you by Microsoft Virtual Academy, is a month-long chance for you to conquer the tech topic of your choice. Accept the challenge, join the community, share your progress, and make February the month that the full extent of your capabilities are revealed.”

iOS developer appletv worldwide talks – SYDNEY 3/2/2016

It’s rare that Apple do worldwide dev tours these days – last time I can remember a session in Australia was like 2008/9 so this is worthwhile.

SYDNEY – 3rd Feb 2016

Sure the focus is AppleTV but for any iOS developer in Australia (or Worldwide) a session like this is worth attending.